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Homemade Turkey Burgers

I have made these turkey burgers many times, but none have been as eventful as tonight’s preparation. I was looking forward to these burgers because they are healthy (even more so without the bun) and quick to make; as I was gathering all my ingredients I realized that I finished the last of my eggs this morning…. of course I…

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BBQ Pulled Pork

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ during the summer with all their favorite foods? My recipe for BBQ pulled pork will bring you back to those summer days regardless of what season it currently is. BBQ pulled pork a big crowd pleaser in my house and makes for a great dish at any event. I generally use a pork shoulder…

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Smoked BBQ Apple Pork Chops

I made this dish a few nights ago for hubby and I, of course the pups had a chance to try it also. It ended up being a fan favorite for all! This is super easy and makes for a quick, but savory meal after a long day of work. I used a store bought BBQ sauce since I didn’t have…

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