General FAQs about Hafto Eat

Q: How did you come up with name Hafto Eat?

A: Well, Hafto is my married last name, which is actually a pretty funny one. But, ironically it can be pronounced like “have to” and we all have to eat!

Q: What is your favorite cuisine to eat?

A: Honestly, I like just about everything! I do prefer homemade traditional comfort food dishes like pasta with gravy or my moms chicken and dumplings. If I wasn’t so concerned with my health I would totally eat nothing but comfort food.

Q: How did you get into cooking and blogging about it?

A: I started cooking about 5 years ago when I  moved out of my moms house. Since I never needed to cook before, I started with some easy family recipes that I grew up eating and then gradually transitioned into experimenting with my own ideas. I would spend hours online researching different spices and foods to cook with. I always liked to get an idea of how things were made and then turn them into my own. Since I love to cook, eat, and talk about food, I thought a blog would be the perfect place to share my passion with the world.

Q: Is there anyone who taste tests your recipes?

A: Yes! My husband Andrew is my biggest taste tester! He is kindly honest and lets me know if a recipe needs more flavor or if its just right. I also love to cook for others in general, I often have dinner parties with family or friends to try out my new dishes. My father-in-law is my toughest critic, which I actually enjoy. I always ask him to try something new because I know he’ll give me the truth, good or bad, and if he says that it is a good one then I know it really must be!

Q: Do you ever want to make a professional career out of cooking?

A: I have seriously thought about enrolling in culinary school and pursuing a career in the culinary arts, but right now it is not something for me. I enjoy cooking for pleasure and not because I need to pay my bills. Cooking is really relaxing for me and a great way to express my creative side. Sometimes i will spend my entire weekend cooking up a ton of food just for fun. The more I cook, the more passionate about it I become.

Q: Who is your favorite celebrity chef?

A: I love watching the food network channel, which is what I do when not cooking! I do admire many of the celebrity chefs, but my all time favorite is Bobby Flay. There is just something about his way of cooking, business accomplishments, and charisma that intrigues me.

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