Monthly Archives : May 2016

Black Bean Enchiladas

This recipe is a combination of my own, one I found online, and some suggestions from a work friend. With everything I cook, I like to get a general idea of how its made and then make it into my own creation. The only thing I should have done differently here was add more enchilada sauce to the top prior…

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Pet chicken update

The chickens are over 2 weeks old now and growing like wild fire. Their wings and tails are completely feathered and each day the cute fuzz is dwindling away. Over the weekend I put the coop together, then let the chickies spend some time getting acquainted with it. This is a good transition so as soon as they become feathered they…

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For the Love of Food

    Finding your place in the world is not always easy, but figuring out what makes you happy can be. The realization can arise at the most unexpected of times. Until recently, I struggled to accept that my happiness was imperative and the judgmental opinion of others was not warranted in my life. While in search of what my…

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