For the Love of Food




Finding your place in the world is not always easy, but figuring out what makes you happy can be. The realization can arise at the most unexpected of times. Until recently, I struggled to accept that my happiness was imperative and the judgmental opinion of others was not warranted in my life. While in search of what my real ambitions and passions were, it came as a surprise to learn that that the kitchen was my true happy place. Not only did I love to eat, but I loved to cook for others too. My passion for cooking (and eating) grows every day, as does my overall happiness. I have spent countless hours and entire weekends in the kitchen cooking more meals than my husband and I could possibly eat in a weeks’ time. Although I love to cook and have come to learn that I actually did inherit my family’s cooking skills, I was not always a natural. I had my fair share of criticisms, mess ups, and failed attempts at delivering an edible meal. I could never forget the time I blew up a crystal dish trying to melt marshmallows on a gas stove or when I tried to bake a vanilla cake from scratch and ended up with a peculiar dry corn bread. The worst mistake yet may have been when I accidentally added powdered sugar instead of flour to my beef stew while hosting a dinner party. I cannot deny the existence of my least impressive cooking moments, but I have chalked them up to lessons learned and persevered until that moment when I served my first silent meal. There was no greater feeling than earning looks of approval and enjoyment from others eating the food I prepared. Cooking is more than just the food you make, but the passion and heart behind every meal.

The greatest objective when it comes to food is its undying ability to bring people together. Whether it is by eating, smelling, or discussing old and new recipes, there is this ordinary disposition that allows food of all kinds to entrance people into a different state of mind. Food comforts, promotes wellness, cures hunger, and unveils pleasure; it can be creative, simple, fun, or even sexy. Regardless of who we are or where we come from, one thing we all have in common is a craving for the great tasting and feel good love of food.

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