Pet chicken update



The chickens are over 2 weeks old now and growing like wild fire. Their wings and tails are completely feathered and each day the cute fuzz is dwindling away. Over the weekend I put the coop together, then let the chickies spend some time getting acquainted with it. This is a good transition so as soon as they become feathered they can permanently move into the coop….HOORAY!

I love the little buggers, but I am definitely ready to evict from my house. They are extremely messy, super loud, and starting to become quite hyper. The 5 gallon tub we have the chicks in is now a little small for them and they keep trying to jump out! This is pretty dangerous especially since we have two dogs that would love to catch one of them. I think within the next few days, weather permitting, they will make the official move outback into their home.

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