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My dog Bear tends to be a bit picky at times and refuses to eat his kibble. Can you really blame him though? I mean he literally sits by my side in the kitchen the entire time I am whipping up meals getting whiffs of delicious food and most days a little taste. Honestly, what dog would want to eat dog food after getting samples of tasty real food. I don’t mind sharing what I’m eating, as long as it’s dog appropriate of course, but I still want to make sure hes getting the right nutrition from the really expensive kibble we buy for both dogs.

The problem is when he doesn’t eat a full serving of food he gets sick and throws up this really nasty yellow bile, which almost always ends up on my carpet or one of the beds upstairs….never fails. So lately, while hubby is sleeping with the little princess Skylar who is totally not a morning person (or dog), I have been making eggs for Bear and I for breakfast. I get two eggs and he gets one mixed into his dry food. He loves it and eats the entire bowl! This is great because now I know he won’t wake Andrew up with that awful bone chilling dry heave of a sound followed by the up chuck of yellow bile. Did I mention, if this does happen then Andrew usually gags and almost vomits himself trying to clean it up? Yea, it’s a hot mess in the Hafto house some days.

So this morning happened to be one of those mornings that Bear needed to eat, since he refused to last night. We ate our eggs together, which is really cute actually; having breakfast with your dog. When Andrew got up he double checked with me that I had fed Bear so he didn’t feed him again, not like he’d eat again anyway….But anyhow, he proceeded to tell me that since Bear gets a daily egg that he eats better than him. HAHA I just had to laugh at this one. I mean you see all the meals I cook on the regular and he thinks the dog eats better?!

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