Silicone Utensils


One thing I learned after I started cooking was that the cookware and utensils are also an important factor in the cooking process. Silicone utensils are heat resistant, easy to clean, and work great for all your cooking needs. I love the silicone tongs when making hard boiled eggs (which I do every week) because they allow me to have a good grip when putting eggs into and taking them out of the pot so they do not drop and break. The tongs are also great for turning fish or meat instead of a flat spatula. My favorite silicone ladle has a divot allowing it to be hooked onto the side of the pot when serving soup so you don’t make a mess putting it down elsewhere.  The spatula is one of my most used utensils when sauteing vegetables or pan searing bacon.

All of these can be found online on sites like Amazon or at a local cookware store.

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