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My husband & I decided to cash in some vacation time this week and get away for a bit. My family has a vacation home down in the boon docks of Virginia where life is completely different. We thought our time down there would be a great opportunity to try to some eatin’ where cooking is done best, the south. The weather was absolutely beautiful, about 70 degrees and sunny, so I took the top off the jeep and rolled down all the windows for some fresh air during our ride into town.

We ventured into Kilmarnock, which is about 10 minutes from where we were staying to see if we could find somewhere to eat. Its a typical small town with a few stores on the Main Street, a grocery store, liquor store, and an auto body shop. As soon as we turned off Main Street, the car was filled instantly with the sweet smell of a smoking BBQ. That’s when I saw it, Savannah Joe’s BBQ! We knew before we even tasted the food that we had hit the jackpot with this find. To the locals it is a regular dining spot, but to us northerners, it was a sight and smell that could not be passed by.

As soon as we walked in, we received a very friendly greeting by the man running the front counter. The smokey scent got stronger inside and the atmosphere of the restaurant couldn’t have screamed country any louder. From the wooden floors and the wooden walls, to local pictures of fisherman and hunters, this place was everything we had hoped for. After we were seated and given our fresh brewed homemade sweet tea, the man was sure to inform us that they had just taken some chicken wings off the smoker and they were delicious. We couldn’t just take his word for it, so of course we ordered a half dozen to try. Hubby and I both had the she crab soup, it was lighter than a usual bisque not nearly as heavy, but definitely flavorful and satisfying. It was made with local caught female crabs only, giving the soup a sweet and creamy taste with a hint of spice. Immediately after licking our soup bowls clean, the chicken wings came out still smoking. The crispy crunch of the perfectly charred skin, which unveiled the incredibly tender and juicy meat had more flavor than you could ever imagine; there was serious smokiness in every bite. Finally, as I was starting to get full, the Joe’s choice combo I ordered with a pulled BBQ chicken sandwich, southern mac n’ cheese, cole slaw, and hush puppies was on its way out. I knew we had ordered way more than we could possibly eat, but everything sounded and smelled so amazing that I needed to try it all. The pulled BBQ chicken was nicely portioned and smothered in a sweet and tangy sauce between two buns that were very lightly buttered and toasted to perfection. The extra cheesy cheddar mac n’ cheese and very sweet yet mildly tart cole slaw were the ideal side choices. Can’t forget that those deep fried crunchy hush puppies with a melted butter dipping sauce are a staple of southern food. From the friendly service, country living atmosphere, generous pricing and portions, and delicious southern comfort food, Savannah Joe’s BBQ is a must try if you ever find yourself in the small town of Kilmarnock, Virginia.

They gave us free dog treats too!!

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