Marinating Meats


Marinating meats prior to cooking them adds flavor while also helping to keep them tender and juicy during and after cooking. The easiest way to do this is by throwing your choice of meat, whether it is beef, chicken, pork, or lamb, in a zip lock bag with your desired liquids and spices for a few hours. I generally try to do this in the morning before work so after all I need to do cook. But as some of us know all to well, sometimes we don’t always have an extra 5 minutes in the morning or maybe we forget to prep dinner. In this case, here is a quick and easy tip to get that meat marinated a bit:

First things first, before anything get that meat into the marinade of your choice and let it soak in there for as long as possible. I usually do this while I am cutting veggies or prepping the rest of the meal, even if its for 10 minutes, it will definitely help. Continue to baste the meat with marinade while cooking. An alternative to quick marinating if time does not allow is to use a dry rub. Massage a generous amount of seasoning into the meat before grilling, baking, or pan frying. This will really help give some big flavors to your meal!

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