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One of my favorite things about spring, summer, and even early fall is being able to cook on the grill then enjoy a nice dinner out on the patio. However, this weather has been so erratic the last month or so making it hard to plan ahead for dinners on the grill. Even with the slightest break of nice weather, I try to take full advantage of any grilling opportunities. Yesterday started off dreary with a major down pour of rain, but then by the afternoon it had cleared up and turned into a beautiful day. So, on my way home I stopped and grabbed some fresh shrimp to throw on the grill. Of course all the way home and even while I was prepping everything it remained really nice and sunny. Then as soon as I started the grill, it was like the weather was playing a trick on me because the clouds opened up and it started raining again. Ugh, figures, but a little rain didn’t stop me. I sucked it up, grilled my shrimp to perfection, and enjoyed my dinner inside instead of out. No matter how or where you eat, everyone loves shrimp on the barbie!


1 pound of fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined

1 yellow large bell pepper

1/4 large sweet onion

10-12 cherry tomatoes cut into halves

1/2 table spoon Flavor God garlic lovers seasoning

1/2 cup BBQ sauce (Guy Fieri Brown Sugar BBQ)

salt to taste

10 skewers


If your using wooden kabobs like I did, then soak them for about 30 minutes in a half water half beer mixture. This will help avoid them catching on fire and the beer gives a nice taste. Peel, devein, rise, and place shrimp a large bowl. Season with garlic lovers seasoning, salt, and BBQ sauce of your choice. Give them a nice toss and make sure each shrimp is coated. Let marinate for about 20 minutes, while you cut veggies into medium sized pieces (a tad bigger than the size of your shrimp). Put 4-5 shrimp on each skewer with the cut onion, pepper, and tomato in any fashion you choose. Turn on the grill and allow to warm. Pour the left over BBQ sauce from the marinating bowl over the entire skewer. Over medium heat, place each skewer on the top rack of the grill and turn once after about 3-4 minutes depending on shrimp size. (bigger shrimp will take longer to cook). Shrimp cook pretty fast so be sure to keep an eye on them, but 8 minutes should be good for medium sized ones. Serve with some extra BBQ sauce and your favorite sides!





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