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Racine Danish Kringles

Why not start a new tradition this Thanksgiving season with a deliciously sweet, delicate, and flaky pastry that the whole family will love! Racine Danish Kringles, Wisconsin’s very own pastry dating back to the late 1800’s, features many assorted flavors of Kringles including their new harvest holiday flavors. Each 22 ounce Kringle is baked fresh everyday, hand crafted into their…

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Interview with Chef Kristol Bryant

I had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Chef Kristol Bryant the new executive chef at the Sonesta Hotel’s Art Bar. Read the full interview by clicking the link the below: Chef Kristol Bryant: Sonesta Hotel & Art Bar

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Pet chicken update

The chickens are over 2 weeks old now and growing like wild fire. Their wings and tails are completely feathered and each day the cute fuzz is dwindling away. Over the weekend I put the coop together, then let the chickies spend some time getting acquainted with it. This is a good transition so as soon as they become feathered they…

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