A Hypnotizing Aroma


This morning I was running late for work and while packing my lunch I could not think about what I felt like eating for the life of me. As much as I LOVE food and think about it constantly, sometimes I do have these moments. There was left over chili from the other night, but I ate that yesterday and I wasn’t really feeling tuna that early in the morning. I eventually gave up, packed some fruit, and just figured I’d buy something later on. I ended up ordering an Asian Sesame Chicken salad from Panera bread, which is my usual go to lunch if I don’t get the Southwest Chicken salad from Chik-Fil-A. Both are really delish by the way! Anyhow, I ordered online so I wouldn’t have to waste my hour break waiting in the extra-long line between the times of 12 and 2 that is almost always out the door. Even though Panera is only a stone’s throw away, I took my time getting there because I was in no rush to get back to work.

When I got out of my jeep in the parking lot to go grab my salad, which I was pretty excited for and starving at this point, I was bamboozled by an incredibly intoxicating smell. Where was that coming from?! I actually said this out loud, thankfully no one was around to hear me talking to myself. It smelled like a combined mixture of char-grilled meat in a warm savory salty garlicy soy sauce of some kind; if that makes any sense. I could literally almost taste it, oh my gosh, it was amazing! I stood there for a minute to take in as much of that unbelievable aroma before I went in to pick up my now mediocre and unappealing salad. I mean how am I supposed to eat a salad now after that…? On my way out, I was preparing myself to be overcome, yet again with cravings for whatever that enchanting smell was. Once more, As soon as I opened the door I was reminded of how disappointed I was going to be eating this salad I just paid for. I took in a few more big whiffs before getting in my jeep and heading back to work when I spotted the source! The smell was coming from the Pho restaurant only 3 doors down from Panera. Asian cuisine in just about any form is my weakness, no wonder I was so mesmerized. Needless to say, I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!!!

Check back tomorrow, I might just have a new restaurant recommendation for you!

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