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I had a nice long 10 day vacation at home with my hubby last week. We spent a lot of time trying new restaurants and eating delicious, but unhealthy foods. After that time off I started to feel run down and just overall disgusting from our food choices, even though they were yummy at the time. This week I have been working towards getting back on track with healthy eating habits and working out. So far I am down 2 pounds and feeling much better in only 4 days. In my opinion, I think everything in moderation is okay, but it is also important to make adjustments when our bodies have had enough. I am by no means the ideal vision of healthy and feel that I could use more work on my overall appearance. However, first and foremost I am concentrating on my insides and the quality of foods I eat.

Last night I was really struggling. I try not to eat anything after dinner because in most cases it wont be burned off and just stored as fat, but all I could think about was chocolate! Even when I was scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feeds it seemed like all I was seeing were posts featuring decadent chocolate desserts. It was really tough, but I stuck it out and settled for some lemon herbal tea, which actually helped curb my craving a bit. First thing this morning I knew that I needed to have some chocolate, so I made a chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake for breakfast. It was a non-guilty sweet and creamy pleasure that definitely hit the spot. If you find yourself in this same situation or just want to make a real yummy protein shake after a workout than I recommend this one!


1 banana

1/4 cup all natural powdered peanut butter (less sugar than regular pb)

1 1/2 scoops of chocolate whey protein (Isoflex- found online- has 0g sugar and 0g fat)

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (add more or less for desired thickness)

Ice cubes

<optional> add some rolled oats for some added carbs


In a blender, combine banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein, almond  milk, and ice. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

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